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Pantograph-based Charging Station System


Applications:Ultra capacitor electric city bus,Fast charging electric city bus

Characteristics:Zero emission

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Zero emission

Maximum charging power:375kW

95% charging efficiency

Flexible charging mode


Ultra capacitor electric city bus

Fast charging electric city bus

Other fast-charging electric city vehicles

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Part Number CPSG5-4
Operating Temperature (℃) -25~55℃
Storage Temperature (℃) -30~55℃
Rated Voltage (V) 750VDC
Rated Current (V) 500A
Operating Voltage Window (V) 24VDC
Maximum Current (A) 10A
Work cycle of current delivery system 12 minutes of delivery,3 minutes of suspension(25℃)
Work cycle of lifting system 25%
Maximum stroke 1550mm
Use stroke 1300≤S≤1500mm
Time of descending pantograph ≤8S
Time of lifting pantograph ≤10S
Contact pressure 320±10N(Adjustable)
Length of pantograph 1400±5mm
Width of pantograph 810±5mm
Length of plate 650±2mm
Weight 180±5kg

Method & Notice

Test conditions


Atmospheric pressure:86kPa~106kPa

Relative humidity:25%~85%

Standards and conformity

EN 61815

ISO 15118

IEE 802.11a

Operating requirements

Operating exceeding the upper or lower operating temperature limit is strictly prohibited.

Operating exceeding the maximum or minimum operating voltage is strictly prohibited.

Short-circuit and reverse connection of the unit is strictly prohibited.

Crush, collision, penetration or disassembly of the capacitor is strictly prohibited.

Abandoning used capacitor is strictly prohibited, please discharge capacitor to 0V before recycling

Please keep away from all heat sources

Please avoid contacting water, oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive matters

Juveniles should operate the unit accompanied by parents

Storage and transportation requirements

Ambient temperature:-40~+70oC

Relative humidity:0~95%

Ambient pressure:86~106kPa

Avoid direct sunlight, stay away from heat sources and keep dry and ventilated

Avoid contact with liquids or corrosive substances

Light handling, light handling, strictly forbidden inversion, extrusion, impact, vibration, etc. in the process of loading and unloading

It can be transported by means of transportation such as automobiles, trains, ships, etc.

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