City bus

Shanghai No.11 Ultracapacitor Bus

No.11 ultracapacitor bus was put into operation on August 28, 2006, which has passed the test of large-scale and long-term commercial operation.

2010 Expo Ultracapacitor Bus

The 2010 Expo ultracapacitor bus had run for 1.2 million miles in six months and transported 40 million tourists, with an average of 4800km per day.

No.26 Ultracapacitor Bus

No.26 ultracapacitor bus was opened on December 6, 2011. The total length of the line is 19km, with 24 stations and 25 vehicles.

Bulgaria Ultracapacitor Bus Demonstration Line

In April 2014, ultracapacitor city bus started pilot operation in Sofia, Bulgaria on Line 11, the first ultracapacitor electric city bus in Europe.

Serbia Ultracapacitor Bus Demonstration Line

In August 2016, the ultracapacitor electrc city bus was exported to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Israel Ultracapacitor Bus Demonstration Line

In September 2016, ultracapacitor city bus started operation in Tel Aviv, Israel to serve local public transport.

China-Belarus 18m Ultracapacitor City Bus

On May 12, 2017, 18m ultracapacitor city buses started operation in Minsk, Belarus. The ultracapacitor technology from Aowei was parred with the experience of BKM, a bus manufacturer in Minsk with a decade long history. The high-energy automotive ultracapacitor system provides safe and reliable green power for the whole vehicle. As with the case in Tel Aviv, the Minsk bus routes show that ultracapacitors function reliable in any weather condition.

Macedonian Ultracapacitor Bus Demonstration Line

In May 2018, ultracapacitor buses with Aowei technology inside arrived in Skopje, the largest city in the Republic of Macedonia. The first batch of five ultracapacitor buses were jointly built by Aowei and HIGER.

Italy Ultra Capacitor Electric City Bus

In May 2018, the pure electric city bus with Aowei ultracapacitor system entered La Spezia in Italy, where a pilot route of the ultracapacitor electric city bus was taken into operation.

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