Product Applications ? Public Transportation


The UCK product series of high-energy organic hybrid ultracapacitor system developed by Aowei is a choice in energy storage technology for modern trams to operate without catenaries or operate in cross-section routes. Furthermore, it is also a cutting-edge technology when it comes to energy storage. Modern trams powered by Aowei’s ultracapacitor system is able to achieve operation without catenaries, and neither is there does the tram need to be charged at each statio


City bus

Most public city bus routes are only 15-25 km in length. An electric bus using an Aowei high-energy ultracapacitor as power supply only needs a few minutes of fast charging at charging pylons at both terminal stations to make the full trip. No need to charge on route or to conduct large-scale centralized charging operations in the bus depot. This greatly improves the mobility of the vehicle operation and reduces the construction cost of the depot charging facilities.


Other traffic

The application of ultra capacitors in the electric locomotive industry imports advanced new energy technologies into traditional backward industries, which greatly improves the overall technical content of the locomotive industry. The super capacitor is used as the power supply system, which has the advantages of safety and reliability, abundant power, remarkable energy saving, long service life, pollution-free and maintenance-free, easy to use and so on.


Product Applications ? Energy Storage and Other Fields

Ultracapacitor energy-saving elevator

Ultra capacitor energy-saving elevator technology uses ultra capacitor as energy storage power supply, utilizes the characteristics of wide discharge voltage range, uses high voltage section as potential energy recovery and reuse, uses low voltage section as backup power supply, and maintains elevator lights, ventilation and communication during power outage or malfunction, and it can release people on the flat floor, thus greatly improving elevator safety while saving energy.


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